quality requirements

Depending on the various specifications, timber with a slight waney edge (without bark) or a slight discoloration is accepted.

Any soft rot, moulding and insect damage is unacceptable. We also will not accept large and loose branches.
The material must have been cut from green timber.


Width -0/+3
Thickness -0/+2
Length +0/-2


Since the materials will be exported, it is extremely important to have sturdy packages that withstand transport and can be loaded/unloaded several times.

The minimum height of the square logs (bearers) underneath the packages is at least 95 mm; usually, two support logs are enough when placed in align with the outermost strips.

Depending on the materials and the order, there must be strips after every two or five tiers for boards and after every tier for square logs. Strip thickness 15 mm.

Different types of timber must be packaged separately unless specified otherwise in the order.
Also, the different lengths must be packaged separately.


All packages must bear a label with the contract number, the material code and the package number, which must also be attached to an end of the package (stickers are provided by us).

See the photos HERE

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